Stay safe, stay out

Tombstoning and swimming are prohibited in Cardiff Bay.

Hidden objects are extremely dangerous and cold water shock can KILL. It only takes half a pint of water to enter your lungs to start drowning.

Dangers of swimming in open water include:

  • The height of the fall or jump if tombstoning
  • The depth of the water – this changes and is unpredictable in many places
  • Submerged objects, which may or may not be visible
  • Obstacles or other people in the water
  • Boats and other water craft operating at speed which may not notice swimmers in the water
  • The shock of cold water – it can make swimming and getting out of the water more difficult
  • Uneven banks and river beds
  • Underwater currents

Please follow our advice and DO NOT enter the water.

May 19, 2020 10:26 am.

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