Educational trips to Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is a fascinating educational resource, and Cardiff Harbour Authority is pleased to offer three experiences for Key Stage 2 pupils. Up to approximately 60 children can be accommodated at any one time. Each trip lasts approximately two hours and all materials required are provided. The descriptions below are general guides and can be amended if necessary to complement topics being studied in school.

Visiting schools often take the opportunity to combine one of these trips with a boat tour around the Bay. These are provided by an external operator and details can be supplied, if required.

This experience provides an opportunity for pupils to find out more about the fascinating ecology of Cardiff Bay. There will be a chance to take part in pond-dipping to examine the insects that play such an important role in the food web. In addition, the children will discover the Wildlife Explorer Trail, which involves searching for 12 posts within the reserve and collecting markings from metal plaques, helping them learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

This activity gives pupils an insight into the history of Cardiff Bay and how it has changed over the years, including the rise and fall of a great maritime city. The sessions start with an introduction to using a compass and finding landmarks associated with the four cardinal points. Following on from this, they are provided with a map and taught how to navigate. We then walk around the area as a group, finding points on the map and discussing how aspects of the historical Cardiff Docks remain within the modern environment.

There may also be an opportunity to go into the magnificent Pierhead Building and view the short 7-minute video on the history of the area (this is dependent on the Pierhead being accessible and not closed for another event).

One of the Environment Officers from Cardiff Harbour Authority will visit the school and run an interactive session, looking at the importance of our rivers and seas and why it is essential that we all play our part in keeping them clean.

Later on in the term, the pupils will come to Cardiff Bay and take part in a litter pick along the shore. This is a great opportunity to emphasise the points made in the classroom session.

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Family adventures

If you’re looking for an educational family day out, look no further than the Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve. Head to Havannah Street car park for accessible parking.

Wildlife Explorer Trail

Encourage children to discover the highlights of the Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve with the Wildlife Explorer Trail. Download the PDF to find out more about the flora and fauna that inhabit the area. Follow a printout of the map to discover the 12 posts in and around the reserve, and collect markings from the metal plaques.

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