Medical conditions

    Please note, under the terms of our contract with you we have a responsibility to share any underlying medicals conditions, medications or requirements with island staff and volunteers as well as the boat operator, Bay Island Voyages. By providing medical information below you confirm that you are aware we will be sharing this information with the relevant organisation.

    For more information on Bay Island Voyages privacy policy, please view Bay Island Voyages, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

    You will be in a remote location. Whilst our staff are first aid trained and we have an emergency evacuation procedure, it may take longer for emergency services to reach you than on the mainland.

    Do you have any medical conditions that the group leader or boat operator needs to be made aware of?

    Room allocation

    Groups usually stay in our male and female dormitories in the farmhouse.

    Is this a residential event?

    Please tell us your gender so that we can allocate you a room.

    If you identify differently or are uncomfortable with gender-based room sharing, please select ‘Other’. You can use this to explain your circumstances. We will contact you to discuss your options and will happily accommodate you where we can.


    Do you need parking for this event?

    Please tell us your vehicle registration number, make and model

    Dietary requirements or allergies

    Please note, your dietary requirements or allergies will be shared with island staff and volunteers to ensure that you are provided with foods meeting your personal, philosophical and health requirements. In an emergency, where there is a threat to your physical integrity or life and you are physically or legally incapable of giving consent, we will process your data in a way necessary to ensure your vital physical wellbeing.

    Photographs and videos for evaluation, marketing and social media:

    As part of the evaluation process for the project we would like to take photographs and videos of this event to share with our funders at National Lottery Heritage Fund. From time to time, we would like to use photographs and videos of this event as part of our ongoing marketing campaigns. We would like to use photographs and videos from events to showcase our work to our social media followers. Please see social media privacy policies for more information:

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    Please select below to give or deny consent. You can withdraw consent at any time by contacting us via email